– Indoors –


Throughout its grounds, this Lodge Natur Zen offers several facilities for your leisure or business stay.

This Property has been designed to make the most of its privileged location on the seafront, looking out onto part of the North Coast of São Miguel Island, between Capelas and Ribeira Grande.

From the inside, the landscape is framed by large contemporary-style windows, designed with the location in mind, particularly in terms of the materials used. The solid basalt stone walls create a contrast with the refinement of the living room with a fireplace, library, dining room, kitchen and even rooms with private balconies with a view of the mountains and seafront.

Decor and Inspiration

This magnificent local Lodging House has been designed for peaceful holidays in mind with Nature and its five elements. All 4 rooms are PRIVATE and each one of them was named after each of Nature’s elements: Air & Water, Spirit, Earth and Fire.

We offer our guests comfort and well-being in a cozy and home-like environment. We hope that during your stay with us, you can enjoy every part of the house and have an experience marked by spiritual and physical harmony.

Our Philosophy

This house has a covered area of around 600 m2 and offers a luxurious stay thanks to its architecture, refinement and the philosophy on which this Hotel unit is based.

The energy of the 5 elements of Nature and the fusion of the original concept of Feng-shui, in which colors affect the energy of the environment and spirit.

In this house, you’ll have the opportunity to try out our Hathayoga sessions, as well as some available body treatments.

Naturalist decor, inspired by oriental and Universal concepts.

We strive to conserve the use of our natural resources by taking part in recycling, conserving water, energy and paper. As such, we encourage you to take part and do the same for a better World.

Our plan is to have a social responsibility towards those who dream so they never stop believing, and towards those who believe so they can make it happen.

We hope your stay in Azores, São Miguel Island, makes you want to come back and that we, Azoreans, make you feel safe and welcome on this island.

Our clients are:
  • Nature lovers
  • Tranquility and Relaxation
  • Spiritual retreat and physical well-being
  • Groups: family and friends up to 15 people (renting the entire house)
  • Romantic getaway
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Pet friendly
  • Culture, wine and gastronomy
  • Long stays are welcome
  • Smoking only permitted outdoors
  • We are not equipped to host guests with motor difficulties


– Outdoors –

Our outdoor space is around 3600 m2, a vast area for sports such as football, badminton, Hathayoga or swimming. If you prefer to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet, there are several spaces for you to enjoy sunny days, light up a barbecue or even enjoy a good book in the energy emanating from Nature.

For salt water baths we have our own overflowing Pool, where the water is treated with oxygen tablets, avoiding the use of more aggressive chemicals to preserve our environment and well-being.

You can also relax in the Spa / Jacuzzi with 140 jet of warm water with view directly to the sea, ideal to the coldest days. Always in touch with nature!

Enjoy the water and the view of the ocean and surrounding landscape. We assure you it’s unforgettable.

And less than 100 meters away, you’ll have the ocean where you can easily go swimming or enjoy a stroll along the seaside.

The arrival to the house starts off in a ZEN way. A beautiful Tank with a cascading waterfall, water plants and fishes to give you moments of serenity.

Free private parking on site and an outside park.

Property located in a green area of around 5265 m2, in which everything is of the highest standard for you to enjoy Luxury Nature.

Come stay with us for a few days and enjoy!